Oui, Parle a Little French Now

This week in Adventures in the Classroom, I would like to share another story of kindness. As I’ve mentioned previously, I do not speak French while the staff at the school I’m teaching for does. Most of the time, I just sit in the meetings and smile behind my mask, not understanding most of what’s going on. I am trying to pick up a few words here and there. For example, this past week, my goal was to say hi in the various ways I’ve picked up since joining. Some have noticed and been impressed.

During a conversation with my lovely teaching assistant (she’s really my teacher), I mentioned wanting to find a children’s English/French picture dictionary, not for the students, but for myself. She thought I was joking. I was not.

A few days later, I walked into the classroom at 7:20am to find a book called Everyday Words in French. I placed my tote bag and 10 pound lunch box down and flipped through the pages. The book was clearly older. The pages have pictures and the French words. It would definitely have been much more helpful if the pronunciations were also written, but that’s why I have amazing colleagues.

While waiting for a late meeting one day this past week, I whipped out the book and started going through it. My assistant very patiently tried to help me. I now know the word for paper and glue. You laugh, but it came in handy this week when we used tons of glue for activities with the kids.

Everyday is an adventure when being the only one not fluent in a language I don’t know.

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