A Non-Political Post

If you know me, you know I’m not generally a super political person–I try never to say anything political. I usually won’t say negative things about any country if there’s a device anywhere around me. And I am not going to get political now, so please don’t stop reading.

As a teacher who has been blessed to be able to work overseas, I have been able to meet a variety of people that are now friends, acquaintances, and connections. And some of these wonderful friends, acquaintances, and connections live and work at the QSI school in Ukraine (QSI was the organization I worked for while in China).

Luckily, the people I know have been able to leave Ukraine and are working remotely at various QSI schools around Europe now. Despite the war in Ukraine, they are continuing to teach online. And yes, students are showing up when they can…from bomb shelters, scared for their lives and what is going on around them. One friend shared that one of her students, in 8th grade, was sitting with a sniper rifle next to him so he could protect his mum and grandmother in case their house was attacked. These are students of all ages, and I think you and I can both agree that no child should ever have to experience this fear.

I admire the teachers who are there for their students during this, offering the students a chance to express their fears and emotions. My heart goes out to you.

And if you are like me, you feel useless during this and just want to help in some way. I can’t take the fear away. I can’t protect these students and children or even my friends. They have seen and experienced things I cannot even fathom.

So, I am sharing a list (click here) that another teacher put out. It is from the QSI school in Ukraine and offers a list of places you can donate money. I will be making a donation. If you would like to know more, feel free to message me privately.