A Quality Friendship

I am not sure about you, but the older I get, the more difficult I find it is to make quality friendships. Quality friendships, in my opinion (so take it for what it's worth), are friendships that last and are with people who push you to become better, who believe and support you when you don't believe in yourself, and who don't abandon you when having a crappy day. Everyone should have a few quality friendships, and I am lucky enough to have some. If you have known me for at least a few years, then you know about one of these quality friends that I have. Our friendship is a rollercoaster of fun, support, bans, ridiculousness, and frustration. I know some of have speculated there's more to our friendship or even find it weird, but I've learned that I don't need to justify this friendship to anyone. It is what it is, a beautiful melting pot of mess. And as I was thinking of what I should write about as I return to the blog after a bit, I thought that writing a little about our friendship is exactly what I want to share today.

Let me clear the air, I consider Bruce (that's not his real name) to be one of my best friends; and no, he would not consider the same, but I've learned to let that go. And one day, I will write a book about our friendship because I do find it thoroughly entertaining and think others would too.

What makes him "best"? Well, firstly, he probably considers himself as best. Just kidding...sort of. He's help me to become a better person. I swear less, I assume less, I've learned that sometimes he's best to remain silent (or as we call it: zip zip zippity zip). I've become slightly more confident. He's given me rides to the airport, called to check on me, and has supported me in some crazy ideas. When I searched for apartments, he joined me. He kept me grounded. He's attempted to help me get my spending under control and created a budget for me (which of course didn't last long because long term plans scare the crap out of me) before eventually dubbing himself as my money coach (well, let's face it, the man is my money babysitter. He's put up with my worst and has stuck around, though there were times I wondered if I'd ever hear from him again.

Now, our friendship is far from ideal. I am convinced that he is embarrassed by me because we rarely see each other, though we live an easy 15 minutes walk from each other. And at times, I do wonder if he listens to what I say or even cares when I tell him if something bothers me (honestly, I don't always need to hear about hot women).

But, the man is there for me, and I just wanted to share at least two (related) moments from our friendship. When we're on the phone together, I will often talk about what food sounds good. The food items I talk about most are lobster, cake, and donuts. Well, there are dozens of donut places here in Dubai. From Tim's, to Dunkin, to Kripsy and more. The skies the limit in Dubai's donut world. One night, I was rambling on about donuts. Next thing I know, I had a delivery guy knock on my door. I opened the door and the guy handed me a box! And they were delicious. About two weeks ago, while we were watching a movie (yes, at different locations--him at his home, me at mine), he ordered himself a half dozen Krispy Kremes. The next night, I got a call and I was told to meet Bruce downstairs in about 10 minutes. Fifteen minutes later, his white Porsche pulled up. He rolled down the window and handed me the box with three donuts in it. I'm happy to report, they were also delicious. Seriously, can you ever go wrong with original glazed donuts from Krispy Kreme? No...no, you can't.

So, the point I guess I'm trying to make is to cherish those quality friends....the ones that supply you with donuts and the ones that are simply there for you, even on the days you aren't there for yourself.

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